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 Have a question before you buy, or need support?
Contact nickstephenson (at) noorosha.com and I will answer you within 12-24 hours.
 How Much investment is needed to get this WSO started?
There is no investment needed!
 What are the details for the Refund Policy?
You have 30 days to try Supercharge your Kindle Sales, risk-free or your money back…
provided you request your refund directly through our support email. If you file a dispute on PayPal directly
instead of asking for a refund via email, then our refund offer is null-and-void and we will fight the dispute.
 Are there any sign up fees throughout the process?
No, there are no sign up fees!
 What tips do you have on downloading/opening the course?
The course will come in a .zip file. Use WinZIP or WinRar to extract the files to your desktop or another folder on your local computer.
Once you do that, you can then open the .PDF with Adobe Reader, open the videos with VLC Media Player (best program to open with)
and the .doc files with Microsoft Word. If you have any trouble opening these files, you can use Google Docs to open any of these
files formats if you upload them to your personal documents (don’t share!).
You shouldn’t have any problems if you follow these instructions.
 How/Where Can I Access My Download? What if access was never mailed to me?
First, look for an email from WarriorPlus, the system that manages your payment and sends you the download files.
Check in spam! In very rare cases, WarriorPlus sometimes will not send an email telling you where you can access your download.
If you haven’t received access to your product(s) you purchased, sent to you in your email, within 30 minutes or more,
just simply email me at the support email above and I’ll send you access as soon as I can!
I am a newbie, will this work for me?
Yes, this will! Follow the steps and the videos inside this guide to learn how to supercharge your kindle sales… for free!
Will this work for any book in any niche or genre?
Yes! This will work for any book, in any niche or genre!
I am a non-technical person, can I still do this?
Absolutely! There is very little technical work involved, if any at all! I tell you exactly how to get everything done!
 HOW can I receive support/what support will I get?
You can receive support via email at nickstephenson (at) noorosha.com. I will answer your question AS SOON as I am able.
Usually within 12-24 hours!
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