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The Cost of Self Publishing – You’re Focusing on the Wrong Thing

We all know it’s tough to get visibility out there in author-land, not to mention how hard you need to work (at first) to get those early reviews and mailing list subscribers. After all, you just busted your butt to get your work out there – and now you’ve got to bust your butt all […]

Why Authors Fail

There’s been a lot of super-serious talk on the interwebs that “the Kindle goldrush is over” and that “Kindle Unlimited is ruining authors’ careers” and “ebook sales have plateaued”. Further, these news reports are being cited as the reason why authors fail to build a successful career on Amazon and the other ebook retailers.

To that, […]

Income Report: Why Exclusivity is Bad (Unless You’re Amazon)

Don’t get me wrong – exclusivity can be a wonderful thing. If you’re getting something in return. Consider this situation:
You sell breakfast cereal. Some of your products are at the budget end of the scale, others more premium. Your net wholesale profit per unit is around $2 – $4, depending on the product range in […]

Four Reasons Readers Don’t Buy Your Books (it’s not your prices)

I’m kicking off today’s post with the following question: can you spot the important difference between these two vintage car ads? […]

Why Worrying about Genre is Holding You Back

I get a lot of emails from other authors who are struggling to gain momentum on their titles. Some of these authors have dozens of books out for sale (one industrious chap even had 70+) but sales aren’t where they’d like them. The main reasons I hear about?

“My book is in an unpopular genre.” Or, “Advice […]

The $10k Self-Published Book Launch

September has been a busy, busy month, and it’s been one of the least productive in terms of actually getting any writing done. Instead, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time trying to grow some alternative revenue streams, while attempting to keep my existing income steady. It’s been a real slog. But it was totally worth it. […]

Could you survive without KDP?

A short post this week, while I’m gearing up for a big launch later this month (more on that soon – it’s going to be pretty epic). I wanted to talk a little bit about diversification in this post, and what I’m doing to lessen my reliance on the KDP platform when it comes to selling books. […]

Supercharge Your Kindle Sales

Today’s post is about the sexy, exciting world of keywords and metadata. Try to contain your excitement before you fall off your chair. For those who aren’t familiar with the term, “metadata” is what Amazon and other sites use to determine where on their shop floor your book gets stocked. […]

Kindle Unlimited – Some Early Results

For anyone still living under a rock, or perhaps a particularly voracious shrub, you’ll probably already know that Amazon’s new Kindle Unlimited program launched over the weekend, spurring a veritable explosion of opinion (both optimistic and doom-mongering) across the interwebs. […]

Breaking Free Part 2 – One Month Later

The results are in! I had a bunch of emails last time I posted on this subject, asking me to update how my adventures outside of KDP Select were going after a month – so, if you haven’t read the previous post, go check that out here. For everyone else, here’s the skinny: From my very […]